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Villa Plans

Villa Piccolo plan thumbnail
Villa Piccolo
Villa Medio plan thumbnail
Villa Medio
Villa Grande plan thumbnail
Villa Grande
Villa Price Expected Levy Expected Rates & Taxes Plans
Villa Piccolo R948 000.00 R948.00 R547.89 pm Villa Piccolo Plans
Villa Medio R1 422 000.00 R1 422.75 pm R873.33 pm Villa Medio Plans
Villa Grande R1 740 000.00 R1 740.00 pm R1 091.67 pm Villa Grande Plans

The levy has been calculated at a rate pf R12.00 / m2
The rate will be adjusted from time to time at the discretion of the Body Corporate or Developer.

The rates and taxes from the municipality are adjusted by the municipality every July.



Villa Piccolo architectural plan



Villa medio architectural plan



Villa grande architectural plan

The Estate

Estate Layout

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