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Tranquil lifestyle estate for the over 50's

Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate offers a relaxing lifestyle

The estate is aimed at the mature family who wishes to slow down - or those that are retired - and seek a secure, safe, serene lifestyle.

While the idea of retiring often leads to thoughts of downsizing, Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate offers a lifestyle that will exceed anyone’s wildest dreams.

That’s because we’ve taken great care in the detail when it comes to catering for whatever our residents would need or desire to make the most of their lifestyle.

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Choose from 3 beautiful style of villa to live in Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate offers a relaxing lifestyle

Thoughtfully designed to be modern and homely, and incorporating the Italian style upon which the estate is based.

You have the choice of three beautifully designed villas to suit your taste, budget and needs. Whether you prefer to be in close reach of others or enjoy your own space, we have the home to suite you.

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          Vita Lifestyle Estate will incorporate a state of the art frail care
Frail Care

Our state-of-the-art frail care centre will be developed and incorporated in the building to be erected on a 2-hectare site with its own dedicated entrance. The development will commence once 80% of the Estate has been sold and occupied.

The frail care centre will be operated for the exclusive use of the residents of Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate.

While most of our residents are still active, we want them to feel safe in knowing that whatever the future may hold, they can rest assured that their health needs will be taken care of.

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A perspective of Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate showing the frail care centre and the houses and nature in the distance

Located along the picturesque Kliprivier

About The Estate

Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate is located in the picturesque McKay agricultural holdings, Midvaal Municipality and borders the Klip River. The estate’s location, of which 540 metres is next to the river, offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a unique lifestyle.

Residents will have the best of both worlds: A tranquil 7-hectare green belt on the one hand, convenience on the other. Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate is close to high-class medical facilities and shops and has almost instant access to and from the R59 highway.

The estate at a glance

  • Over 7 hectares of green belt area along the banks of the Klip River
  • A choice of 3 house sizes to suit your individual needs
  • Full ownership in a sectional title scheme
  • Walking trails, fishing spots, bird watching hubs and outdoor exercise areas
  • Minimum age of residents to be 50 years or older, while persons of any age may own a house as an investment
  • The chance to buy directly from the developer resulting in lower prices for first-time buyers
  • State of the art security
  • Latest high-speed fibre optic connectivity, WiFi and related services