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Safety and Convenience at Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate

While the idea of retiring often leads to thoughts of downsizing, Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate offers a lifestyle that will exceed anyone’s wildest dreams. That’s because we’ve taken great care in the detail when it comes to catering for whatever our residents would need or desire to make the most of their lifestyle.

What can our residents expect? Well, the list is endless and offers everything from stunning architecturally designed homes with bespoke finishes, a walking trail with its own bird hide, indigenous plants to make the most of the seasons, a versatile club house, and state-of-the-art hospital and frail care centre.

At Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate we want our residents to enjoy the luxury of always being in touch with loved ones far away. That’s why our “Suite of Services” has been designed to offer you a high-speed internet connection. Ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones when visiting, is a top priority. Thanks to the Estate’s optic cabling connection we can enjoy uninterrupted support of security systems, IP TVs, home intercoms, and phones. The Estate is fully walled and incorporates the latest safety and security technology.

The estate is aimed at the mature family who wishes to slow down,
or those that are retired and seek a secure, safe, serene lifestyle.

Relax in the tranquil environment of Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate


Natural Beauty

To emphasise our deep appreciation for the beautiful natural green belt area where Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate is situated, deliberate pause areas and other focal points will ensure residents have the chance to enjoy nature to its fullest.

Walking trails along the Klip River, bird watching hubs, fishing spots, and outdoor exercise areas in a 7-hectare secure and serene environment are just some of the pleasures to be enjoyed by Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate residents on a daily basis.


Club House

A modern, multipurpose club house overlooking the 7-hectare green belt will be built once the estate reaches 80% occupancy. It will be designed to take advantage of the uninterrupted views overlooking the natural environment and will include all the amenities desirable in such a facility.

The club house offers the perfect location for a quick cup of coffee with fellow residents or a long leisurely lunch with your family. Why not work up a sweat by exercising before winding down with a book? Special informal events and elegant dinners will also be catered for.

A proposed modern, multipurpose club house at Bella Vita Lifestyle Estate

The club house offers the perfect location for a quick cup of coffee with fellow residents or a long leisurely lunch with your family.